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Audez’e Edition Headphone System

Three industry notables collaborate to create world-class headphone system.

June 14, 2011 • Durham, CT • Red Wine Audio, Audez’e, Inc. and ALO Audio unveil system for headphone connoisseurs .  

How do you make something great even better?

With thousands of headphones sold, Audez’e Inc. has quickly become a top pick by headphone enthusiasts. Audez’e’s outstanding sound did not escape Red Wine Audio’s founder…

“Since meeting Alex in 2009, I’ve been amazed by his company’s headphones. From first listen I was determined to build an amp optimized for their unique design,” says Vinnie Rossi, President of Red Wine Audio.

For Rossi that meant upgrading his Isabellina HPA (headphone amp / DAC) to support a new balanced design. But there’s more than technology behind the sound. For the new headphone system, these three organizations shared a common goal: Get the most from Audeze’s world-class planer headphones.

Prototype opens door to a new partnership

“We demoed with Red Wine Audio’s gear at last year’s Rock Mountain Audiofest,” says Alex Rosson, Owner of Audez’e Inc. “So I knew it was a terrific product,” he adds.  But nothing could have prepared Rosson for Red Wine Audio’s new ‘Audez’e-voiced’ prototype.

“Red Wine Audio continues to be a prominent leader in the headphone amp space… I was ecstatic at the sound quality of Vinnie’s (Audez’e prototype),” says Rosson. Adding, “I experienced some absolutely amazing sound, and found myself blasting emotionally-charged texts to Vinnie. He probably thought I was crazy!”

In coming months Rosson provided input on several iterations of Rossi’s new amp, along with a handful of ALO Audio’s cable designs. As the relationship matured, Audez’e made a decision to partner with and co-brand the entire system.

Rounding out the system

A chain is only as good as its weakest link. That’s where ALO Audio comes on the scene.

“When Vinnie and Alex asked me to participate, I was very excited,” says Ken Ball, owner of ALO Audio. Ball adds, “over the past six months I’ve really pushed the envelope – experimenting with a variety of cables to create something ideally suited for this combination of products.” 

Offered exclusively as a bundled system

Designed to optimize sound for Audez’e planer magnetic technology, the system includes: 

“Selling this combination as a system was a no-brainer,” says Rosson. Adding, “I’d like the world to hear what I’m listening to.”

Pricing and availability

$4,900 for complete system, including headphones, may be ordered directly from Audez’e, Inc. or ALO Audio.

Current Audez’e owners may order the system – without headphones – directly from Red Wine Audio for $3,950.

Orders being taken now for late-June shipment.

About Red Wine Audio

Red Wine Audio is the leading manufacturer of a full line of battery-powered stereo hi-fi components, meeting the needs of discriminating audiophiles and avid music lovers since 2005.

The company leverages the benefits of high-current, low-impedance battery power so their entire line of components run off-the-grid, resulting in an effortless and emotionally involving musical presentation.

Red Wine Audio • 51 Ozick Drive, Suite 101 • Durham, CT  06422 • USA

Tel: (860) 398-5385 •

About Audez’e, Inc.

Audez’e is focused on producing accurate, high-resolution sound. Their current line of headphones are based on planar magnetic technology that have printed circuits on a very thin and flat diaphragm placed in a uniform magnetic field, and use very powerful neodymium magnets on either side of the diaphragm making it a true push-pull design.

With thousands of units already sold, their products have been enthusiastically embraced by high-end headphone users.

Audez’e Inc. • 848 N Rainbow Blvd, #774 • Las Vegas, NV  89107 • USA
Tel: (818) 588-6530 • www.

About ALO Audio

ALO Audio was founded by audio cable maker and portable audio / headphone enthusiast, Ken Ball. He and his team believe in the simple notion that superior audio cables are hand-made, and use only the finest materials available, to provide customers years of listening pleasure.

ALO Audio • 2505 SE 11th Street, Unit 103 • Portland, OR  97202 • USA

Tel: (860) 398-5385 •