For Apple iPod

Transforms your iPod into a serious source for digital music. Easily fits in your shirt pocket. Audiophile sound quality, whenever you want it.


The first hardware upgrade to make 4th, 5th and 5.5 generation iPods competitive with CD players costing many times more. Enjoy the added benefits of portability and convenience you already love in your iPod.

  • Introduced in 2005, thousands in use today — and demand continues to grow!
  • Enjoy hi-fi quality at home, at work, or on-the-go
  • Maintains goodness of iPod’s friendly user interface, placing your music library in the palm of your hands
iMod improvements over stock iPod
  • Increased resolution of fine detail
  • Better bass control and definition
  • A richer, more seductive midrange
  • Superior treble extension and sweetness
  • A larger more 3-dimensional soundstage
Product Features
  • Exclusively for 4th, 5th and 5.5 generation iPods
  • Leverages built-in Wolfson DAC (same DAC used in many pricey CD players)
  • Bypasses iPod’s analog stage that was not designed for audiophile playback

  • iMod line out voltage: ~1.0 Vrms
  • Output impedance: < 1k
  • Battery life: Same as stock iPod
iPod 4g

4th generation iPod

  • Headphone jack converts to analog line-out; Connects to a portable amp or any two channel audio system
  • Jack no longer supports headphone use
  • Line-out signal from iPod dock connector is disabled
  • Apple-supplied USB cables still support charging and music transfer

iPod 5g

5th and 5.5 generation iPod

  • Headphone jack remains unchanged, and can be used for headphones
  • iPod’s internal docking connector now outputs an audiophile-grade signal
  • 5G / 5/5G iMods require ALO Audio iMod dock cable*
  • Apple-supplied USB cables still support charging and music transfer

iMod FAQ page


5G / 5.5G iMods: Use of any other audio dock / cable may cause damage to amplifiers or associated equipment.
Red Wine Audio is not responsible for misuse of product.


iMod (Modification Only)

iMod (Modification Only)

4th & 5th* generation iMod pricing Info

Pricing for the Modification Service only. Customer must supply iPod for upgrade. See Terms & Conditions for additional information.

Need a new battery?

Ship a new battery with your iPod at time of order and we’ll install it as part of your iMod at no additional cost. You may also choose to purchase a battery online and have it drop-shipped to Red Wine Audio. Please note request at time of order. 


Modified units (iMod, for example) cannot be returned for refund under our “30-Day Money Back Guarantee”.

* The 5G/5.5G iMod requires an ALO Audio iMod Dock Cable (see below).

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Price: $250

iMod Dock Cable

iMod Dock Cable

Exclusively for 5th and 5.5 generation iMods

ALO Audio iMod cable V2

- LUX-FEP 18awg occ
- Incorporates paralleled film signal path caps 

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Price: $195