Isabellina LFP-V Edition (Discontinued)

Digital-to-Analog Converter

Your digital sources will sound amazingly natural. Unique USB implementation improves sonic performance. Available with high-res (24/192k) playback.


Designed to recreate music from digital media rivaling the finest qualities of analog sources, including:

  • Richness of tone
  • Extraordinary timing / pacing
  • Effortless presentation of the music
  • An organic, “unprocessed” sound signature
Product Features
  • Now in its 2nd generation
    Upgrade available for previous versions
  • Up to 3 types of digital connectivity (Coaxial, Optical and optional USB)

  • Optional USB input converts to I2S, eliminating the need for S/PDIF conversion, a sound-degrading step found in many USB implementations

  • USB input provides “galvanic isolation,” meaning it isolates your computer’s power bus from our internal DAC chip – an innovation that prevents computer noise from degrading the sound you hear

  • Red Book (16-bit) playback ships standard

  • Isabellina Pro Icon Optional Isabellina Pro adds high-resolution playback (24/192k)
LFP-V Features

Learn about the unique design innovations behind our sound.

  • Vacuum Tube IconTube Stage
    Adds richness and warmth.
  • LFP Battery IconLFP Battery
    State-of-the-art technology.
  • SMART Battery Monitoring Chip IconSMART Battery Monitoring
    Fully automates all aspects of battery management.

Renaissance Edition upgrades available for existing customers


Isabellina DAC now part of Jeff Dorgay’s reference system

“Not only did it get one of our PC awards, I purchased the review sample and have been using it as a reference component for almost a year on a daily basis.”

Source: Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio Magazine
Download TONEAudio Issue 42

“Isabellina gets music across in a way that is very rewarding in terms of its complexity of tonal and harmonic ‘rightness’. This complexity reveals itself as there being sense of “depth” or density to the music; not only in how the Isabellina portrays the sonic tapestry of the music, but the overall “presence” of the music as well. The Isabellina presents many layers to explore and does so with an ease and elegance that is very beguiling. There are no hard edges to the music… no grain or glare to turn one away from spending hours listening to one’s collection. No, the Isabellina is very refined while being rich, smooth, lush, and silky, all in the sense of being easy on the ears… as opposed to hard, thin, bland, closed-up, or austere.”

Source: Dave Clark, Positive Feedback Online


Circuit Design
Included tube 6922/E88CC dual triode
Accepted tubes 6922/E88CC, 6DJ8/ECC88, 7308/E188CC, 7DJ8/PCC88, 6N23, 6H23, 6N11, and 6GM8
Digital to analog converter (DAC) 16-bit, non-oversampling, using purist R-2R conversion
DAC analog output stage Discrete, Class-A transistor output with cathode follower vacuum tube stage
Number of digital inputs 3 (USB, Coaxial, and Optical), user selectable
Output Impedance Less than 100 ohms
Output voltage Approximately 2Vrms
Power supply transformer / rectifiers / transformers in signal path None – for the purest possible sound reproduction
Battery Pack / Charger
Battery Red Wine Audio 25.6V LiFePO4 battery pack
Battery charger 30V, 2A LiFePO4 battery charger; Input voltage range: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Typical continuous play time in battery mode between full charges Approximately 6 hours
Dimensions 12" width x 9" depth x 3.5" height (including feet)
Weight (without charger) Approximately 8 lbs.
Package weight Approximately 14 lbs.