Audez’e Edition LFP-V Edition (Discontinued)

Headphone System

Complete system optimized for Audez’e headphones. Add a source and begin listening!

In 2010, industry notables Alex Rosson of Audez’e, Inc., Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio and Ken Ball of ALO Audio, set out to design and build a truly world-class headphone system. The three worked closely with one goal in mind: Make the most of your Audez’e listening experience!

System Includes
  • Audez’e LCD-2 headphones
  • Red Wine Audio’s new Audez’e Edition amp / DAC
  • ALO Audio’s new Audez’e Cable
  • Custom carrying case
About Audez’e Edition Amp / DAC
  • Features a new balanced output stage, for optimal performance
  • First ever headphone amplifier to carry the Audez’e name
  • Designed and voiced using Audez’e headphones and ALO Audio’s new 4-Pin Balanced Audez’e Cable
  • Delivers stunning dynamics, fine resolution of detail, a lifelike soundstage and seductively natural timbre & tone
  • Runs on LFP battery power, so listening sessions can be easily transported to the patio or work
  • Includes remote volume control for added convenience

DAC Features
  • Isabellina Pro IconIncluded Isabellina Pro DAC offers choice of high-resolution (24/192k) or NOS Red Book playback, with the flip of a switch
  • DAC supports 3 types of digital connections (USB, Coaxial and Optical)
  • USB input converts directly to I2S, eliminating the need for S/PDIF conversion, a sound-degrading step found in many USB implementations
  • USB input provides “galvanic isolation,” meaning it isolates your computer’s power bus from our internal DAC chip – an innovation that prevents computer noise from degrading the sound you hear

Unit Doubles as an external DAC

  • Tube-stage also feeds rear-panel RCA outputs, so DAC output can be sent to other systems
  • Simply add an interconnect cable and unit functions as an Isaebellina Pro

Take your entire headphone system off-the-grid!

Included 12Vdc output jack allows you to take select products like Wadia i170, Pure i20 and others off AC power, so you can harness the benefits of LFP battery-power for your entire headphone rig

* Custom-made DC power cable sold separately

LFP-V Features

Learn about the unique design innovations behind our sound.

  • Vacuum Tube IconTube Stage
    Adds richness and warmth.
  • LFP Battery IconLFP Battery
    State-of-the-art technology.
  • SMART Battery Monitoring Chip IconSMART Battery Monitoring
    Fully automates all aspects of battery management.

Renaissance Edition upgrades available for existing customers


Inner Fidelity’s Steve Guttenberg finds the Red Wine Audio Audez’e Edition Headphone System to be as real as it gets!

“… (compared to the Red Wine Audio/Audez’e paring) the Burson/Audez’e headphone combination sounds harder, brighter, with a closer perspective, and feels spatially compressed. The Burson sound is 2-D, compared with the Red Wine’s more 3-D presentation. That voluptuous quality is the most addicting part of the Red Wine Audez’e sound … Red Wine’s added weight, dynamics, dimensionality and power were truly astonishing.”

“So what we’re talking about here is a level of realism unavailable from any other headphone/amp combination in my experience.”

Source: Steve Guttenberg, Inner Fidelity notable “SKYLAB” runs the Audez’e Edition Headphone System through a rigorous evaluation, including numerous head-to-head competitive comparisons. Spoiler alert – he ends up buying his eval unit!

“… the AE (Audez’e Edition) sounds truly excellent. It drove the LCD-2 to very loud levels with ease, and the sound was lively, engaging, and highly transparent. I think the AE provided the most neutral sound I have heard from the LCD-2, but without being the least bit bright, edgy, or etched. Bass was extremely well defined and tight, with the appropriate amount of weight (but the bass is not over weighted). The treble is very extended and smooth – and the AE may provide the best treble performance I have ever heard from the LCD-2, in that there was absolutely no feeling of treble reticence, in spite of there also being no unwanted sibilance or etch. That’s not an easy trick. And the mids were beautiful – clean, clear, and yet very sweet and lush.”

“… the AE is very highly and enthusiastically recommended.”

Source: SKYLAB on Head-Fi

Learn the story behind the collaboration...

“Selling this combination as a system was a no-brainer... I want the world to hear what I’m listening to.”

Source: Alex Rosson, Owner of Audez’e, Inc.


Circuit Design
Included tube 6922/E88CC dual triode
Accepted tubes 6922/E88CC, 6DJ8/ECC88, 7308/E188CC, 7DJ8/PCC88, 6N23, 6H23, 6N11, and 6GM8
Digital to analog converters (user selectable) (1) 16-bit, non-oversampling, using purist R-2R conversion
(1) Premium, Wolfson Micro 24-bit, 192kHz
DAC analog output stage Discrete, Class-A transistor output with cathode follower vacuum tube stage
Number of digital inputs 3 (USB, Coaxial, and Optical), user selectable
Line-level output voltage 2Vrms max.
Headphone output stage Balanced, discrete, 5Wrms into 32-ohm
Headphone output jack 4-pin XLR
Headphone stage gain 13db
Power supply transformer / rectifiers / transformers in signal path None – for the purest possible sound reproduction
DC output jack 12Vdc, 1A (max)
Battery Pack / Charger
Battery Red Wine Audio 25.6V LiFePO4 battery pack
Battery charger 30V, 2A LiFePO4 battery charger; Input voltage range: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Typical continuous play time in battery mode between full charges Approximately 6 hours
Dimensions 12" width x 9" depth x 3.5" height (including feet)
Weight (without charger) Approximately 9 lbs.
Package weight Approximately 28 lbs. (with custom carrying case)